My mission is to make the World a better place by

helping you to live a happy and fulfilled life

- I want to create a community of happy indivituals .
Comunity where people will help each other , support each
other and share their happiness

Hello, my name is Dominik Skupina, and I am so grateful to be able to help people manage negative emotions and live their lives in fully happy state so they can fulfill their goals and dreams much more easier, faster and with a big smile :-)
All I can say is " Thank you " was founded by Dominik Skupina.
Dominik is a happiness coach, artist and health enthusiast. After many years of studying personal development, science of happiness ( positive psychology ) and constantly
changing his life for better Dominik finally find his biggest
passion and way to contribute to society

- Helping people to get happier and live more fulfilled life quickly became his life purpose.

" When I started study happiness i quickly realize that everybody can be happier...
Happiness is something we all want, but not everybody know how
to be fully happy in every day life.

It's simple once you understand it.
Happiness is not a coincidence , it's a decision ! " - Dominik Skupina

Dominik offers an informations - how to get happy and live fulfilled life, but most importantly
he focuses on helping people to get real results so they can fully
experience happiness and fulfillment in their life .

" Real and long lasting results - that's what changes people life for good for ever . "

I live in fabulous Las Vegas
with my wife Denisa.
We are happily married since 2011 :-)